Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ghostly figure photo capture by a real estate agent.

A Florida man was browsing real estate listings this week when he noticed something strange in one of the listing photos. He posted the odd image of the foreclosed home on Reddit yesterday.
According to an online Pensacola MLS listing, the 4-bedroom brick home is located on 6040 Badger Road, in Milton, Florida and is on the market for $149,000. There are thirteen photos of the property and in the last image a strange shadowy figure seems to have been captured.
Reddit user LaBertie posted the image of the real estate listing featuring a sealed foreclosed home. In the final photo of the listing, a figure is seen peering through the window of the front door of the home.
"We researched the house and found out that an 81-year-old lady bought the house years ago and died inside. She had no close family which is why it went into foreclosure," LaBertie claimed in a post.
A few Reddit users believe the photo is a prank but the poster assures that it isn't. Some people think that there is a simple explanation that is creating the illusion of a figure.
"I've emailed the realtor and the nice lady told me she was alone while taking pictures of the house." According to LaBertie, the real estate agent assured him that the house has been sealed for years and she was the only one there when taking the photos.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ghost captured on film

In the Summer of 2001, Terry and Blake Vanlandinham moved into a house in Wynne Arkansas. They had no idea what was in store for them. At first framed photographs were turned upside down or laid flat with no human touching them. Family members and friends were seen, but it was not them but a mimic entity that looked like them. Objects were seen levitating. The crunch came when a dark eerie figure began to attack one of their daughter's and a base ball bat was thrown by unseen hands almost hitting their youngest child Ethan. These supernatural attacks occurred in an upstairs bedroom. Finding one of the children on the floor screaming, and having deep scratches on her body caused Terry Vanlandinham to set up a night vision camera in the room and sleep in it by himself. This photograph is a still from the actual footage he captured that night. Fearing for their lives they fled their home. Their story was featured on A Haunting in America in 2003. The photograph taken from the actual filmed footage captured by Terry appears to show a large demonic face on the right.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Court Room Ghost

This security camera footage of a woman taking notes in a North Carolina court startled the security guards at the time because no one was supposed to be in that court room. They raced to the room, but found it to be completely empty."
- photo / description sent from 'Contributor'

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Haunting at the Red Lion Pub in England/Southampton Town Centre

The Red Lion pub, located in Southampton, UK, is reported to be the oldest and most active Public house in Southampton, and is full of history dating all the way back to 1148. It is well known that Henry V held the trial of the three men who tried to assassinate him in the pub's Court Room. Prior to the King sailing to the Battle of Agincourt from Southampton, the main ringleaders of the Southampton Plot - Richard, Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scrope of Masham and Sir Thomas Grey of Heton, were all found guilty of treason and executed outside the Bargate. This is one of the most famous trials in England's history and was also written about by William Shakespeare. Staff and regulars repeatedly report seeing apparitions, cold chills, knocking, banging, and feelings of being watched. The apparition an older woman, thought to be an ex-employee who fell down the stairs and died, is often seen behind the bar area. The most notable ghost sightings have been of a procession of three men leaving the pub. The apparitions are thought to be the three condemned men walking to the gallows. Many séances have occurred here with various results. Electrical equipment often switches off and the whole place has a distinct ghostly feel. It is said there are a total of 21 ghosts at this particular location.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Real Ghost Sighting at Haunted Mansion

This footage was taken in Greencastle, Indiana. After hearing rumors of paranormal activity at a local abandoned mansion, two friends decided to explore the old mansion in hopes of capturing some evidence of ghosts. Their hopes quickly turned into a frightening reality. The video below is from that night and managed to capture the image of a ghostly woman in one of the windows of mansion. The figure of this “Pink Lady” also appears on the negatives. Guy Winters is the friend credited with capturing this startling evidence. The video footage and resulting photo of “The Pink Lady” has been featured on various news stories and has been subjected to expert photo analysis. Most of which, have concluded that the video is genuine.

Hotel Ghost Caught On Camera?

This video shows what was allegedly recorded by a hotel security camera on August 21, 2012. The footage is being recorded a security responds to screams coming from an empty room. What happens next is creepy to say the least. Because of the lack of any back story, I am inclined to say that this is a fake, but a well done fake, without a doubt. The youtube user that uploaded the video, has other similar videos, many of which seem to contain genuine footage. Is this a genuine ghost video? You decide.

Ghostly figure in the Lift

Shortly after the Landmark Theater in Tacoma, Washington opened in 1929, a ghost was spotted in the audience during a performance. Since then, eerie shapes have been frequently seen in the theater's balcony. Adding to the spirit count, one of the theater's janitors was accidentally killed in 1972 and his ghost has been riding the service elevator ever since. Witnesses say the elevator goes up and down on its own and stops at random floors where the doors will open for several seconds, as if an unseen person is walking in or out.