Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ghost captured on film

In the Summer of 2001, Terry and Blake Vanlandinham moved into a house in Wynne Arkansas. They had no idea what was in store for them. At first framed photographs were turned upside down or laid flat with no human touching them. Family members and friends were seen, but it was not them but a mimic entity that looked like them. Objects were seen levitating. The crunch came when a dark eerie figure began to attack one of their daughter's and a base ball bat was thrown by unseen hands almost hitting their youngest child Ethan. These supernatural attacks occurred in an upstairs bedroom. Finding one of the children on the floor screaming, and having deep scratches on her body caused Terry Vanlandinham to set up a night vision camera in the room and sleep in it by himself. This photograph is a still from the actual footage he captured that night. Fearing for their lives they fled their home. Their story was featured on A Haunting in America in 2003. The photograph taken from the actual filmed footage captured by Terry appears to show a large demonic face on the right.


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