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World's Most Haunted Forest oxfordshine uk

    Scheming demons, lovelorn ghosts, and energy
     vortexes make these forests seriously spooky

Wychwood Forest


England’s Wychwood Forest abounds in haunted tales of visitors who feel hands reaching out to touch their shoulders or hear the thunder of invisible horses.

wychwood brewery is named after the royal forest of wychwood which was recorded in the doomsday book 1086 & covered much of what is now west oxfordshire much of the artwork for Wychwood beer labels depicts characters from myths & legends associated with the ancient
medieval forest.

The tree of Wychwood Forest:

witches in waiting:
in legend the thorny plum tree, the oak & the elder are said to be not tree's but witches in disguse hence they bleed when they cut a notch in the bark .

a scared pagan plant & traditional christmas symbol,misletoe was once revered by our was so sacred that it had to be cut with a golden sickle.

Home of the woodland spirits:
Holly & order evergreens were also respected in days gone by in the belief that they provided refuge for woodland spirits in the dark season of winter until other trees gained their leaves.

 Feast of beltaine:
in olden days a grand springtime festival was held to mark th end of winter or the dark season.
Folklore recommended villagers to leave offering of fruit & milk in the fields & woods to seek the good grace of the little people or forest dwellers, it was believed that in turn the forest folk would reward such throughfullness by providing humans with rich & abundant harvests & delightfull garden fragrant with a wealth of colourful flowers.

The lady's well:
A traditional ritual.once forbidden by the church in ad 963, still continues to this day in finstock,oxfordshire every year on palm sunday local children make a concoction of liguorrice & water from the lady's the heart of the wychwood forest & drink it perceiving it a cure for all winter ills.

The old oak shipton under wychwood:
an old oak in a field near the farmer inn called capps lodge has the initials h.d & t.d carved into it bark & the date 1728.

This bears witness to the story of the brothers tom, harry & dick dunsdon famous 18th century highwaymen.dick the story goes,bled to death when tom & harry hacked off one of his arms to free him after his hand had been caught by waiting constables while he was reaching through a door shutter to side back the bolt.Tom & harry were brought back to shipton & gibberted to the oak.The tree is said to be stunted due to the gruesome burden it once bore.

Demon tales & bad spirits:
there is a widespread belief in england in a highly danerous fairy or hobgoblin known by many names including jack o lantern, will o wisp, joano the wild & ignis fatuus, meaning foolish folklore.

This legend is said to come from the sight of small flame's flickering over marshy ground,caused by self-igniting gases from decaying plants,in legend jack o lantern took great delight in making travellers lose their way,often at night.The hobgoblin would take on the disguse of a beautiful young girl or crock of gold & lead the the traveller floundering into a bog or ditch.

hobgoblin is lengends are know to be large verion of their cousins the goblins,version of the legend can be found in britain,spain & in france.
By tradition the best times for seeing hobgoblins & other fairy creatures & forest dwellers are twilight & midnight when the moon is full & some of the best days are halloween(october 31st) may day( may 1st) midsummer day(june 24th) lady day ( march 25th) & christmas day (dec 25th)

now to me these legends have come from some where & most legend are true count of whats happened in the past,this forest seems to have a lot of history it no wonder why this forest is so haunted with demonic spirits & other things there is a saying that some forests you should never go venturing in at night.


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