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Netley Abbey Ruin Haunting Southampton / uk

Netley Abbey on the outskirts of Southampton in England a beautiful ruin with a lot of history, a great place for tourist to visit & take photo's. Al tho this site mite hold beauty & a good tourist location, it hides a very dark past.

Now Ive been to this site a few times i have this gift to feel energy or atmosphere chances, this place i kid you not has a very strong dark negative energy that's just walking from the gate as you enter the place also Ive seen a dark shadow figure moving very fast from wall to wall at a point you just catch a glimpse of something moving fast

                            Folklore and ghosts

Over the years several legends have grown up around the abbey, the best attested of which is that of Walter Taylor, the builder contracted to demolish the church. Legend has it that before starting the work he was warned in a dream that he would be punished if he committed sacrilege by damaging the building . The story is recounted by the eighteenth century antiquary Browne Walters:

The earl (sic), it is said, made a contract with a Mr. Walter Taylor, a builder of Southampton, for the complete demolition of the Abbey; it being intended by Taylor to employ the materials in erecting a town house at Newport and other buildings. After making this agreement, however, Taylor dreamed that, as he was pulling down a particular window, one of the stones forming the arch fell upon him, and killed him. His dream impressed him so forcibly that he mentioned the circumstance to a friend, who is said to have been the father of the well-known Dr. Isaac Watts, and in some perplexity asked his advice. His friend thought it would be the safest course for him to have nothing to do with the affair, respecting which he had been so alarmingly forewarned, and endeavoured to persuade him to desist from his intention. Taylor, however, at last decided upon paying no attention to his dream, and accordingly began his operations for the pulling down of the building; in which he had not proceeded far, when, as he was assisting at the work, the arch of one of the windows, but not the one he had dreamed of (which was the east window still standing), fell upon his head and fractured his skull. It was thought at first that the wound would not prove mortal; but it was aggravated through the unskilfulness of the surgeon, and the man died.There was also the remains of a nun removed from one of the walls that was bricked up which was found when reavating the site, could the black shadow hooded figure be the ghost of the nun wanting revenge for her murder.


The abbey is alleged to be home to two ghosts. The first is that of a monk who is seen as a white figure; the second is said to be a former abbot who appears as a dark figure.

Netley Abbey was once home to the Cistercian monks. This is Blind Peter's story.
This was once my home. I was a proud and loyal servant. Nobody but a member of our order will lay claim to the treasure that might be buried here. Since my death I have guarded this place but you will only see me on Halloween.
The treasure is said to be buried at the end of a long tunnel. If you are thinking of looking for it I should warn you that one man has tried to find it. A man called Slown explored the tunnel and was frightened to death by what he found.

Don't let that happen to you.
This is the area of the ruin that the dark black hood figure is mostly seen

This is the picture take by someone who was with there family on a day out,if you look at the doorway you can see a hooded dark figure,now this cant be a human, unless there was a 7 foot tall man standing there, because this achway is at least 7.9ft high, i bearly reach the high of the shadow im 6ft 2.

The Society of Paranormal investigators spent a night at one of Southampton's most famous landmarks, Netley Abbey.

Many things are thought to have happened at the Abbey including dark arts, and deaths - such as that of a man who was crushed by one of the walls.

During the night we were there, another investigator and I saw a white figure which was so quick that most of the group failed to see it. The figure was tall and may have been a monk who is regularly seen at the Abbey. He usually appears to sceptics - who leave believing in Ghosts!

Another sighting was that of a tall dark figure reported by many of the group members, and by past visitors to Netley Abbey. This is believed to be the Abbot who was well known for his violent activity at the Abbey - activity which continues today.

Later in the night I heard chanting coming from the nave area. Another investigator and I went to investigate this further and found nothing, yet the chanting continued.

The Abbey may be disused, but its ruins remain here today and, perhaps, so do some of the spirits of those who once lived in this great landmark


  1. Im so glad ive seen thisim from woolston southampton after having a pretty bad few days decided last week to visit the abbey with a good book i was sat in the sun on the farthest building reading for couple hours its beautiful up there at that time no one was around and saw out the corner of my eye a pitch black figure dart from my right towards the big building you know wats its like thinking did i imagine that but i knew i had distinctly saw more of the bottom half taking huge quick strides i just thought about it for a minute and carried on reading about ten minutes later it happened again but was striding comming back again i know what i saw i was again on own at the time to be honest i wasn't scared at all more amazed than anything i carried on reading for couple more hours and went to leave but didnt realise was so late 7pm the guy who lives in the house lovely man came out to unlock gate we got talking and i told him what happened he said there has been know sightings so left for home and few days later looked up about netly abbey ghost sightings i clicked on here couldnt believe my eyes as exactly i mean exactly the same figure i saw last week im just so glad i looked this up unbelievable id take a lie detector to its certainly not put me off from reading in these beautiful grounds .

  2. Photo I took today down the tunnel

  3. I love ghost stories and I'm sure your site is fascinating, but I'm sorry, I can't read past the typos and appalling grammar. I'm not that pedantic about grammar, but this is the worst I've come across. I'm sort of hoping it is ironic, but I fear it isn't. Such a pity as I wanted to read about the Netley ghosts.