Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Asheville NC High School Ghost

Surveillance video taken early last Friday morning (08/01/08)at Asheville High School shows something strange. School officials aren't sure what it is, but some are saying it's some type of ghost or apparition, caught on tape.

Now people are saying they dont know what it is, but clearly there ignoring what this is maybe out of fear or no belelf but The fact the shadow figure comes out of the lift in a child form but then changes to a adult form is seriously spin chilling & scream's a demonic presence to me at this high school. Before This school was built there was an old mental hospital were the school is stood now, could it be the ghost of a young person from the hospital or could it be the ghost of some one that went to this school angry with someone there? iver way what you see in these videos is really creepy.


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