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Haunting Classifications & Ghost Classifications

For centuries, people have believed in and both feared and respected the idea that we share our world with ghosts and that there are haunted places in our world. Although science hasn’t been able to deal effectively with the physical aspects and explain these in relation to ghosts, other unexplained entities, and haunted physical places, there are a few strides science has made which help us try to pinpoint what is going on during paranormal or unexplained events. For instance, through science we can measure physical energies such as sound, magnet fields, heat, etc. Sometimes knowing levels of physical data that exist can help researchers rule out bad explanations – still, by these methods, we’re often left with just ‘no plausible explanation’ or explanations about what an event or thing is NOT, rather than what it is.
There are social and philosophical (including religions) sciences and principles which are used to study the paranormal, ghosts, hunting's and mythologies surrounding creatures and deities many believe inhabit our world alongside the human race. In many non-scientific disciplines, there is still a set of theories that exist, all packed up and utilized with scientific methodology and with these, some disciplines classify “haunting” into 7 broad category types

1.Residual Haunting - Echos of the past, non intelligent unaware of the living - non dangerous
2.Intelligent Haunting - Spirit that are aware of the living,interact with you or objects - mild to moderate or sometimes dangerous  

3.Demonic Haunting - Some thing that was never human what we refer to as a demon, These non human spirits are shape-shifters, they have been reported to disguise themselves as friendly and helpful human spirits in order to break the will of a person to possesse or do harm to other - very dangerous
4.Demonic Human Haunting - Something that was human in a preious life who died & the spirit has become to earth bound & lacks the light & has become a darker spirit,can possesse you in order to harm or use you to do harm - dangeous

5.Poltergeist Haunting - know as a trickest, can move heavy objects,break your will to possesse you or do harm to you, has 5 levels of a poltergeist haunting - very dangerous

6.Portal Haunting - portal haunting are door way between are world & the dead where the spirit can enter freely through to haunt your home or place - Can be dangerous at time to non dangerous

7. Natural Haunt  non haunting just emagineation running wild because of curtain things that happen that mite look like haunting.

1. Residual haunting, the most common form of haunting, paranormal activity occurs because some event of magnificence or importance, usually violent or containing highly emotional reaction, has happened in the past. This usually turns out to be a death of a resident or frequent visitor to the location in question and often it has been a very violent (or tragic, such as with suicide) death. Regularly, paranormal experts explain the event is in or on some sort of “loop” whereby the event or impressions of the event occur over and over again, only not quite in the same way or with as much solidity and physical hold as when they happened originally. This effect is similar to when we rewind and replay an audio or videotape - we can hear or view a recording over and over again but the data is still not the original music/filming - it's a copy.These looping events in a haunting usually occur in buildings, particularly in residential homes. Although many residual hauntings happen in very old homes, the same can happen in relatively new homes, as well. It is believed that often, the spirits are not aware of this looping effect or have no control over it – the loop of events just repeats over and over and over.

2.Intelligent hauntings are considered the second most common of types of haunting, however, it is commonly accepted that beings (entities, ghosts, etc) involved in these types are aware of their surroundings and also manipulate their surroundings at least minimally. These are the hauntings you hear about or experience whereby ghosts interact with objects and even with living people. People experiencing hauntings of the intelligent type often report noises when they aren’t causing any noise, objects moving, sounds of voices, sounds of footsteps, lights and other electrical items turning on or off by themselves, and strange situations with lights coming from no apparent source, batteries draining, etc. It is believed that in an intelligent haunting, the entity involved creates movement, noise, etc., to be noticed.

3.Demonic hauntings are almost always one of the more frightening and emotionally draining sort of paranormal experiences but are actually recorded as being one of the common of hauntings. It might be that many people are so afraid from an experience of this sort that they don't wish to report it at all. An entity or force may have threatened them in such a way that they don't wish to engage with it further in any manner. Nor do they intend to draw more attention to it or draw other people/forces near to it - as might happen if they make an official report or call in a paranormal team. These things must be kept in mind when trying to calculate the actual number of paranormal happenings that occur each year - versus - how many incidents are actually and fully reported.
Demonic hauntings centre on and weaken or alter a person’s emotions and mental state. It is felt that demonic entities weaken their victims in order to possess them and take over at least some of their faculties. These beings have physical strength and in many cases, do physically assault those they are trying to affect or possess. One may or may not be able to physically see the entity responsible for an assault but the attack can be very serious and real nonetheless. Repulsive smells and scary noises are also signs that a haunting is of demonic nature, rather than of another type of haunting.

4.poltergeist activity are also one of the most dreaded of all types of haunting. Most poltergeist hauntings are believed to be caused by an angry entity or spirit. This anger may have no determined course (other than “to vent” and terrorize) and poltergeists are considered to be quite chaotic. Often, poltergeist hauntings attach to one person, though they can be attached very firmly to a location, too. The activity may include moving objects, slamming doors and cupboards, breaking of glass or glasses, and a variety of unusual noises. These surges of activity may happen only when a particular person is nearby that the poltergeist has attached to, depending on whether the haunting is generalized or specific to a certain person.

poltergeist classification hauntings
level 1 - Referred to as Senses Attack because in the early stages of a poltergeist the activity mainly revolves around the human body's basic six.
Cold spots - Strange noises - Odd odors and smells - Hearing footsteps - Unusual animal activity (dogs/cats running from rooms, etc) - Feelings of being watched

level 2 - This level is where the noises and smells begin to turn into something more direct. Everything is still at its basic level but turned up a few notches.
Whispers - Laughs or giggles - Moans or shrieking - Moving shadows - Breezes in closed areas - Visible clouds (base apparitions) - Strong static electricity. Marks on floors or walls, (Not Writings).

level 3 - At this stage the poltergeist begins to make it's presence felt. The difference is that in the first two levels it could be said that it was the mind playing tricks, but now, it's hard not to notice something real is happening. This is the level that the classic haunting falls into.
Lights and other electrical appliances turning ON/OFF - Unseen hands grabbing or touching people - Writings on walls or pattern markings - Doors that OPEN/CLOSE or LOCK/UNLOCK - Hearing voices or words clearly - Full apparitions or dark figures - Showing levels of communication with living people - Strange telephone calls.

level 4 - This is where an advanced poltergeist begins to gain momentum. Moving closer to the danger level and picking up a clearer consciousness. It may seem that it's only a harmless ghost being playful. However, if it is a poltergeist, it may be gathering knowledge of what the people around it consider frightening. At the next level it will use the information gained here in a violent manner to create an atmosphere of absolute terror. Which it then will use to feed off of and build its own energy.
Flying objects - Moving objects - Objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere - shaking furniture - Fire starting - Appearing as frightening entities - Pushing or shaking people - creating visions or illusions - speaking in ordering tones - People feel dizzy, nausea or sick to stomach. Windows, mirrors or other household objects breaking for no reason - Levitation.

level 5 - At this level the poltergeist is at its highest energy point and should be considered dangerous. Violent and/or threatening actions begin at this stage. The time frame here, and all stages listed, will vary determining on the poltergeist. It could end in days, months or years. After this stage the poltergeist will go dormant and then begin this cycle over again starting.
Dangerous activity - Biting - Slapping or punching - rape - Animating objects - Possessions - Use of household electrical systems to cause harm - Fires and burning - Blood on walls, floors, ceilings - Attacked by unseen forces - held down - Hair pulled - Flying knives or sharp objects - Heavy objects falling - Threatening writings or visual signs.

Portal haunting is generally considered a newer classification of haunting. Though many paranormal experts may believe in the other forms of haunting, not all believe in portal hauntings. Those that do believe these are a valid and specific form of haunting think these are from an entity moving about between dimensions or worlds via a door or portal opening someplace where dimensions or worlds meet. With portal hauntings there may be orbs, mists, lights, shadows and even creatures involved. Often, when the details of a haunting don’t fit closely with the features usually found in other classifications, the haunting is said to be a portal haunting.
Personally, I object to this stuffing of an unexplained haunting into a category that seems convenient when classification becomes difficult, but this is just my amateur opinion. It seems valid to me that we will learn to classify happenings better in the future or have to construct an additonal category for other unexplained events.

Natural Haunt A natural haunt is initially unexplained phenomenon that occurs and that upon investigation is found to be caused by natural occurrences. For example, lights flickering that are caused by loose connection or faulty wiring, noises that are found to be caused by pipes, animals, tree limbs, etc., apparitions that are found to be caused by mirrors, lighting, and reflections, etc. It’s the easiest to determine and explain to the client, but most times leaves the client feeling foolish. In these cases it helps to be understanding with the clients feelings and reassuring that they do not need to feel foolish. Natural Haunts happen to everyone at some point.

Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. Psychics claim to talk to them on a regular basis, and ghost hunters encounter them quite frequently. It is said that they are those spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason. Because of this obsession they tend to become similar to a psychotic human beings. It should be said that the majority of us when we die proceed gladly and willingly to the next level of existence after saying our quiet good-byes, which means we're off to the spirit world. Then again, as stated, a select few elect to stay behind because of a refusal to move on. Apparently the longer they stay behind, the harder it is to find their way to the next level, which again, is the spirit world.To me i cant class orbs as a haunting because there to easly mistake as being dust or water droplets in the air.

Ghost Lights
Ghost lights are glowing lights frequently seen at haunting sites. The lights have been sited on every continent other than Antarctica and come in almost every color imaginable. The can be stationary, move slowly. or dart around erratically. They have been know by various names including spook lights, corpse candles, jack-o-lanterns, will-o’-the-wisp and many more.
Folklore attributes the phenomenon to fairies, ghost or other elemental spirits. There are various legends to explain the lights. Ignis Fatuus as they were called in medieval times literally means ‘foolish Fire’. These were thought to be mischievous spirits playing tricks on travelers tempting them to ‘foolishly’ follow them off the path and get lost.
Most legends typically explain the lights as the ghost of souls who cannot rest. The typical reasons given for the unrest is some grievous sin like suicide or murder. Another reason for the unrest is because some wrong done to the deceased remains uncorrected.
In Sweden the lights are unbaptized souls trying to lead travelers to water. It is believed the ghost wishes to be baptized and thus released from this world. This particular lore explains why the lights are commonly seen in marshes and around bodies of water.

Apparition desimbodied spirits
They show up in forms from transparent to soild human form & wear the clothing of their peroid .Some may appear faint & disfigured as in being incomplete.There are 4 classifications of apparition.

1.partial - Apparition that shows up incompletely having no legs for example.

2.invisable - these are to the naked eye, but will show up on film when photographed.

3.Visable - these are visable to the naked eye.usaully transparent in nature.

4.Soild - appear very soild,witness commonly mistake them for real people,until they disappearbefore there eyes.  

in a addiction to these types to each class of apparition

Type 1 - historical - they typical of haunting older buildings & appear in soild forms acting natural.

Type 2 - Recurring - ghosts that occur in regular cycles over a period of time.

Type 3 - Modern - Spirit of present day ghosts they are relatively new looking & sounding like modern people.  

Type 4 - Crisis & Family Apparition.

Vortex spirits
A tornado-like mass of air, water, or energy that spins around very fast, creating a vacuum to pull objects into its empty center. It can varies in size and length when moving. They are readily confused with a speeding orb when they slow down and take on this straight & narrow look.
As other apparitions, there are no real consensus about the nature of the vortex. Some claim it is a former resident of the home or a a visiting relative. Other believe it serves as a vehicle to transport spirits in the shape of orbs from their realm to ours. In supernatural studies, a vortex is an energy mass that is a temporary opening to the other side, this can be the result of spirit energy in motion.

Shadow spirits
Shadow ghosts appear as a shadow of sorts. They look a bit like Ecto-mist but are dark gray to black in color. There are actually three separate types and we list them all in classes below. In photographs, it's easy to confuse them with natural shadows, so be careful with your analysis. They are usually extremely sneaky and evasive. When they are spotted it's usually out of the corner of your eye or as they are darting through a wall. They can also be spotted as a reflection in shinny objects and mirrors. As for photography, They are one of the rarest ghost types to be captured on film. Birds and cats are especially sensitive to them.

Type A - Appear as a small dark misty cloud and are almost always under two feet in length, but can hover or float up to 8 feet high.

Type B -Appear as a huge glob of thick cloudy mass. They typically range from 2 to 8 feet in height.

Type C -
Appear in human form and some may be seen wearing a hat. They typically appear up to 8 feet in height.
Ectoplasm is said to be formed by physical mediums when in a trance state. This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their nonphysical body, enabling them to interact in the physical and real universe. According to mediums, the ectoplasm can not occur in light conditions as the ectoplasmic substance would disintegrate.
The psychical researcher Gustav Geley defined ectoplasm as being “very variable in appearance, being sometimes vaporous, sometimes a plastic paste, sometimes a bundle of fine threads, or a membrane with swellings or fringes, or a fine fabric-like tissue”. Arthur Conan Doyle described ectoplasm as “a viscous, gelatinous substance which appeared to differ from every known form of matter in that it could solidify and be used for material purposes”.
Although the term is widespread in popular culture, the physical existence of ectoplasm is not accepted by science. Some tested samples purported to be ectoplasm have been found to be various non-paranormal substances.Other researchers have duplicated, with non-supernatural materials, the photographic effects sometimes said to prove the existence of ectoplasm


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